Yi Yang

Graphic Design

Window, 2019. Ink. 5 × 6 × 6 in.
City, 2010. Ink. 18 × 36 × 8 in.
Implied Worlds
Design is a medium capable of changing the world, but how well can it build a world from scratch? Throughout my practice, I am fascinated with the natural world and the development of culture and civilization, historical or fantastical. I realized that what interested me most was the development and evolution of worlds themselves. So, if I am so interested in worlds, why not create them through design?
The works in this series attempt to document and illustrate a small slice of a believable world unto themselves. On display are its creatures, its cities, and its civilizations, presented through overlapping, immersive techniques— such as dimension, sound, projection, and conventional illustration—that give these works life.
The goal of these projects is not to tell a story, but rather to offer viewers the skeleton of one. The meat and bones, the deeper content of the narrative, is left open for the audience to extrapolate. These projects present viewers with a setting rather than a narrative. How intricate, how engaging, and how immersive these works are will determine my success. Above all, it is important to distinguish that none of these worlds are meant to be my self-made utopia; it is not my role as a designer to present my view of an idealized world. What these projects are meant to be are a series of fantastical Petri dishes that I offer to my audience; any point or narrative derived from my works will come from the audience observing them in their small, self-contained environments.