Graphic Design

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, 2019. Poster. 17 × 11 in.
Low-Key, 2020. Book. 8.5 × 5.5 in.
Women talk too much and make meetings “drag on too long.” In February 2021, the Tokyo Olympics chief’s sexist remarks triggered an international backlash. Although he was forced to resign from his position after this incident, it was enough to accelerate the gender equality movement in Japan. The increased public attention to this issue is affecting companies’ brand strategies. More people are starting to let go of brands that do not support gender equality, and companies are no longer able to stay silent in regard to this issue. In contemporary Japanese society, socially conscious advertising and branding are becoming crucial in order for brands to grow and achieve their corporate social responsibilities.

Creative Activism proposes an advertising campaign for Netflix Japan that confronts gender inequality. The goal is to break gender stereotypes through thought-provoking advertisements featuring various Netflix original series and movies. Consisting of outdoor ads, print ads, and digital ads, the campaign aims to build a positive brand image and promotes gender equality to a wide audience.