Johnny, 2020. Ink, acrylic, and oil pastel on paper. 49.6 × 47.75 in.
Ruby Dream House, 2021. Mixed media on canvas. 26 × 36 in.

My bedroom has always been a protected place for imagination and exploration of self. I’ve been playing dress-up for as long as I can remember, transforming my bedroom into office spaces and runways. In this space I have fantasized, I have dreamt, and I have played. At the age of 22, this habit has not changed, and it follows me into the studio. Through my practice, I explore bedrooms as a place of comfort and a reflection of one’s inner identity.

I’ve composed my own visual vocabulary of repeated icons and recognizable forms that make up the language I work through, allowing me to experiment with description and representation. This lexicon of imagery flows from my hand to the work easily, creating a composition for me to test textures, color, and pattern within.

Through my artistic process, I transfer this notion of play, experimentation, and imagination from my identity into tactile and vibrant spaces. I apply, remove, layer, cut, and paste a multitude of materials. I allow myself the freedom to be anything and try anything that I desire, mimicking the act of playing dress up. While the physical materials of my process can change, the setting does not. The objects and furniture have become characters that dance around my compositions in a dreamlike state rather than the figures that previously occupied them. The bedroom is a constant in my work and remains a safe environment of comfort and uncovered desire.

Intuition drives my practice, and the vocabulary I’ve built allows me to freely follow instinct and taste, to create without holding back. My paintings are snapshots of the dreamlike reality I experience, a description of my mind through the language I am most fluent in.