Nocturne (b-iii), 2021. Oil and enamel on canvas. 72 × 48 in.
Nocturne (g-i), 2021. Oil and enamel on wood. 24 × 24 in.
I am concerned with the internalizing and externalizing processes through which I perceive, collect, and arrange images. I consider how they layer and superimpose on one another within and without me—how those images enter and emerge from me, both expose and obscure me. These images exist as iterations of one constantly shifting image that guides me from one work to another, manifesting as accumulations of painted and found marks. It is a negotiation between the internalizing experience of surroundings and the externalizing material cooperation. And on top of that, it is a fluctuating state in which I can work, in which I can locate a semi-clarity of being. I find this in the air at night, in the interlacing of artificial lights in the dark, in the endless transmutations of water, sky, and land. I am obsessed with the vacillating tension between flatness and depth, between the sky as a projection and the recession of deep space: its expansion, its motion, its division, its collapse. It is a nocturnal space where color exists in an ever-unfolding field, changing with the eye, with the body, with the awareness of being in relation.