Pure Lavender, 2021. High flow acrylic and ink. 30 × 22 in.
Surge, 2021. Charcoal, acrylic, and ink. 22 × 30 in.

Up. Down. Sideways. Across. Around. My eyes dart from object to object, taking in the environments and atmospheres I explore. I immerse myselfin environments filled with architecture. I connect the lit windows in buildings, the dots of grainy cement, or the lines on a shaggy rug that become translated into my linework and mark-making. The lines, angles, and unnoticeable patterns stimulate a field of energy of colors and marks that are stored in my brain. I take these energy fields and put them onto paper for others to experience. I utilize a repetitive mixture of rigid and fluid lines in order to create a space for viewers to feel like they are being engulfed by the compositions.

Line after line, splotch after splotch, this repetitive motion and pattern generates a composition translating the way in which I visualize these abstracted spaces internally. The use of layers in my work enables me to create a visual distortion and illusion, which I employ as a tactic to draw my viewers in close. At some points I am in control over my lines, and at others I allow myself to introduce the aspect of chance into my work, giving it a sense of play. Guided by anything from paintbrushes to embroidery floss to gravity, the motion of my shoulders and the paint create lines I see in my head over and over again. My lines also communicate with the music that fills my studio space and become a factor in the speed of my mark-making and even the colors I choose to paint with. My body and painting tools are in sync to create the energy fields that fill my brain when exploring my memory of places. Dribble, scratch, splash.