Village, 2021. Oil and charcoal. 30 × 30 in.
New Year’s Eve, 2021. Oil and crayon. 40 × 48 in.

“So . . . where are you from?”

I have a love-hate relationship with this question. It always makes me feel nostalgic because I immediately think of all the different places and cultures I have encountered. My art thrives on this speechless melancholy.

As a member of the Chinese diaspora, I spent my formative years in different places around the globe; I have called many rooms and buildings “home.” While comparing what I am seeing and feeling to what I have seen and felt, I became drawn to the process of recalling memories and their plasticity. My current experiences not only alter my recollection of the past but also freshen up some long forgotten sentiments. These internal conversations between the past and the present find their way into my drawings, paintings, prints, and installations. I visualize these thoughts by complicating representational figures and lush foliage with fragmented spaces. I combine different mediums and leave out parts of the narratives to let my work exist in a dreamlike state. I create images to capture the ephemeral state of my being and displacement.

My work should be explored like a graphic novel with multiple endings, contemplated like an unfinished dialogue, and appreciated like poems recited in different tongues. .