Hot Girls Magazine, 2020. Editorial design. 11 × 8.5 in.
Soft Serve, 2021. Font design.

Soft Serve

When I was young, I danced around my room in hot pink tutus and tiaras on a daily basis. Where does this energy go as we grow older? In my own experience, I felt shame toward the typical “girly-girl” aesthetic. There is a massive shift in traditional feminine themes during a girl’s life. As we grow older, pink, sequins, and glitter become considered frivolous, and therefore unnecessary.

My goal is to draw back the curtain on the misogynistic view that hyper-feminine aesthetics in art, design, and culture lack depth, seriousness, or complexity of meaning. My goal is to carve out the feminine space in design within an increasingly masculine world. I want to look at graphic design as Sofia Coppola looks at film. As explained by i-D magazine, “Sofia’s talent as director stretches beyond mere visual fantasy and beauty, because she uses her aesthetic world as a way of exploring the complexities of girlhood.”

For my thesis, I will reclaim my own pink, glittery, and downright girly aesthetic. The aesthetic I am portraying is by no means universal, but it connects my personal experience as a permanent Y2K teenage girl and graphic designer. Through a body of work, I will validate my own female authorship while promoting other feminine works and the femme people behind them.