Ticket, 2020. Oil on canvas. 50 × 40 in.
Pink Box (diptych), 2020. Oil on canvas. 20 × 32 in.

I have a close attachment to notes left by my family, friends, peers, and strangers. They are thoughts and unspoken words frozen in time. They are precious gifts that recall long or short memories. They are my roommate’s grocery list, my mother’s figure drawing, and my father’s sketched directional map. Even simpler than written records, notes appear to me as neglected remnants—ticket stubs, Post-it reminders, and boxes of microwaveable enchiladas.

When I find a note worth keeping, I transform and elevate its visual skeleton through delicate duplication, disguising, tearing, and rearranging. These notes become lovingly handled, emotional, and warm collages that inspire my paintings. On canvas, they become ghosts of their original colors, shapes, or details. They become crafted symbols, biographies, and visually rendered sentiments. They are all records of ordinary notes and remnants, pardoned from the trash or recycling bin, and they live proudly as reimagined physical creations.