rəˌvərbəˈrāSH(ə)n ˈsīkō, 2021. Ink on paper. 47 × 42 in.
So rested he by the Bumbum bog and Stood Awhile in thought, 2020. Oil and acrylic on panel. 36 × 60 in.

My artistic practice emerges from free-associative drawings and collages that are constructed into surreal or nonsensical narrative vignettes. These psychological, maximalist spaces are realized in paintings, drawings, and animations using graphite, crayon, ink, digital media, and oil or acrylic paint. Within my practice, I am interested in the development and juxtaposition of different forms of rendering that synthesize a nebulous web of influences and interests ranging from Adventure Time and Ralph Bakshi films to Maus and Earthbound to the work of Ray Harryhausen and Fleischer Studios.

I aim to construct a mesh of opposing fields of knowledge to create a new, strange realm of understanding that is both self-contained within the image and connected to the larger, ever-growing cosmos of my work and the still larger cloud of influence I infuse into it. The disparate themes within my work represent the contradictions and spaces between popular fantasy and science fiction, and art-historical abstraction and mythology. These spaces, to me, open the door to exploring multiple binary concepts such as the biologic and mechanic or the archaic and modern in a way that can highlight their common natures.

Moreover, I consider my works as providing contradictory psychological spaces related to the ideas of a labyrinth and a sandbox. The labyrinth represents an incomprehensible and ever-changing maze that torments the participant, while the sandbox represents an open and consequence-free zone designed to support low-stakes play or experimentation with no

goals in mind.

As I expand my drawing language, I set out to create an ongoing illustrative world of complex psychological narrative interactions. They ultimately provide a space for me to examine signs and symbols and interact with allegory, humor, and the grotesque to satisfy my own subconscious expectations as I move through this world.