Graphic Design

Covid Emotions Poster, 2020. Poster. 24 × 18 in.
Ultrasubjective Space, 2021. Poster. 24 × 18 in.

Perspective is rooted in social context and upbringing. Race, gender, and class impact societal and cultural influences, which then determine how individuals consciously perceive themselves. People don’t always acknowledge the extent to which their environment controls their own perspectives. Their curation of aesthetic interests, for example, is a direct result of external factors. Similarly, graphic design is a holistic medium that is attributed to its social and cultural context. The result in both cases is a range of ideas and perspectives that reveal underlying social themes.

My thesis will examine how and why people select their aesthetic interests, and the behavior that determines how these interests overlap and intersect with one another. Examples include art, fashion, and film. After reflecting on my own interests from my daily life, I began to wonder what had influenced me to have them. Subjects such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology, and works by artists associated with these subjects, inform my design approach and will be relevant to my research. The intent of my thesis is to allow people to both reflect on why certain things appeal to them and analyze the way in which society influences them. The project will ultimately draw attention to the process of defining one’s “individuality” and its positive and negative qualities.