Fruit Harmony, 2021. Oil on canvas. 40 × 32 in.
Newton’s OutDoors botanical door design, 2021. Digital media. Dimensions variable.
Flower Whisperer, 2021. Oil on canvas. 34 × 22 in.
My works are about nature in relation to all living organisms, and their movement, interdependence, and delightful uniqueness. I develop my paintings slowly through sketches, exploring the harmony among the natural forms of subjects, their connectedness and dependence on one another. My inspiration sprouts from small microbiological components and seeds that give life to fruits and vegetables, which then become energy sources for our human bodies. The study of human anatomy and movement through competitive sports gave me an understanding of how our bodies are such intricate creations, just like the rivers that flow into streams and flowers that bloom. Making a painting reveals something new to me every time, and through the vivid colors and my bodily subject matter, I want to let the viewer dream while revealing something new to them, too. My subjects often connect and intersect through energy sources and appear to assimilate or morph into one another to create new and exciting still lifes that are alive in surreal painted spaces.