Graphic Design

Identity Tee, 2021. Apparel.
Unity, 2020. Digital flag.

Every graphic T-shirt tells its own story, whether it’s through the history of the logo used or the graphic being created with a clear message to deliver. My passion for graphic design started through my desire to design my own apparel, so I believe it is fitting for me to use apparel as the platform to tell the story of my personal journey as a graphic designer. I aim to challenge myself to reflect on my personal experiences and gather four clear messages I want my audience to see through the content that results from the project. I want the messages to be sourced from my personal experiences, but be bigger than just myself and be messages that a wider audience of designers and students who may have had similar experiences can relate to. I realize that as a Latino first-generation graphic design student who is passionate about graphic design and streetwear, I have a unique point of view not only on design but on social issues that the world deals with as well.

The research section of my project will consist of me looking into sources that dive deeper into how apparel can be used to tell a story, how colors and type can be used to connect with people’s emotions, and how I can turn my personal experiences with certain social issues into dynamic graphics that work well on clothing as well as in print. The content section will consist of a capsule of pieces designed and screen printed by me, accompanied by a magazine telling the stories of each piece in a more detailed format through type, photography, and visuals.it is a means to express unique stories.