Hope You’re Finding Your Way Through It All, 2021. Oil on wood panel. 14 × 11 in.
Their Sister’s 35 Drive, 2021. Oil on wood panel. 7 × 5 in.
Do You Have To Earn The Right To Absurdity?, 2021. Oil on wood panel. 12 × 9 in.

Time is a collection of moments that exist to be noticed. Light, softness, and palpable atmosphere fill gaps in the day between activity and sleep. I find breath in the sky and peace in spending time with the light between my eyes and eyelids. Stillness is fruitful and grounding. I am never bored. These acts of introspection guide my practice.

Giving attention to these ephemeral moments is my gratitude; painting them memorializes observation. And, as I render the warm, radiating feeling of moments in paint on a surface, time stretches and curves and spirals carefully; it becomes big and slow. A split second is woven into an enduring engagement. My act of love for these winks of time is in giving them enduring form.

While engaged in the surface, I often find myself breathing into and out of the painting, in an exchange not unlike one with a tree. I breathe the painting in, pause before exhaling along a crisp edge, exhale in a swipe of release, inhale and rise. I am nourished. Breathing steadies me in my body and unifies me with the moment and the object. The time the painting holds is not counted in numerical duration, but in quality and depth of breathing. My act of love for these winks of time is in giving them my breath.

I am committed to collecting moments where light dances and opens and performs magic; painting them is my homage.