Graphic Design

Digital Identity, 2019. Digital image. 36 × 24 in.
Racism..., 2020. Book. 6 × 5.5 in.
For many of us who shop at well-known beauty stores, we know that those products are not something we can afford on a daily basis. The cosmetics industry has been growing exponentially, and luxury brands are selling overpriced lipsticks that do not even suit the customer. Each person has their own unique skin tone and texture, and most of the time name brands sell their lipsticks and neglect that the product is not one size fits all. That is why this project, Lips Express, experiments with the basics and formulations of lipsticks that are suitable for everyone at an affordable price and made of ingredients you can find in your own home. Ultimately, we ask, what if we can make personalized lipstick at home, knowing what the exact ingredients are and formulas that suit our skin? More importantly, how can we include everyone in the cosmetics world?

The concept of Lips Express comes from my interest in collecting lipstick. Throughout my collection of lipsticks, I realized that my $5 drugstore lipsticks work better than my $30 products. My lipsticks vary in shape, color, and finish, but not all of them are compatible with my lips. With just a layer of color, lipsticks can change a person’s personality and their confidence. The goal of this project is not only to make our own lipstick, but to show that each person is unique and deserves equal treatment in beauty. In this project, my formulations have a wide range of finishes and skincare elements. Each person can make their own affordable, personal, and clean lipstick product. In Lips Express, you can follow simple DIY steps and be creative to customize your lipsticks with a designed experience made for everyone.