Blueprint 1, 2021. Blueprint. 17 × 14 in.
Map of Me, 2021. Pencil on vellum. 11 × 17 in.

Maps have been used for centuries in all manners as methods for organizing plans and directions in physical space. Historical maps of geographical locations contain information about geopolitics through the ages, and give us a glimpse into lives led in the past. Their purpose, like all manifestations of graphic design, is to convey information to the viewer about a specific topic. Cartographers and architects are designers in their own way—designing the physical space around them in order to organize it for their audience. My thesis makes use of the idea of the designer as mapmaker by pushing the known form of the map in many directions.

Atlas Vitae consists of a body of maps based on my memories. This research into my past has allowed me to organize and analyze my life as I prepare for transition. Using different methods of mapping, I reflected on my memories and created an archive that is a physical embodiment of my person. I built a home of work that allows the audience a glimpse inside my head.