I’m in Love with All of My Friends, 2019. Booklet. 11 × 8.5 in.
Swan, 2020. Digital illustration. 6 × 6 in.
Machine Girl Poster, 2021. Digital poster. 11 × 8.5 in.

The threat of climate change pervades our psyches in ways we can’t

yet comprehend.

It is associated with an anxiety that feels existential, looming, and hopeless, a growing sensation in the pits of our stomachs that something is just off. We are no longer the masters of our own domain; the projected future of our existence as a human species is determined by the wills of a powerful few, rather than the will of the many. The constraints of our lived experiences are paradoxically expanded and contracted by digital globalization, in an effort to simplify the incomprehensible thought that there exist almost eight billion others like us. Our ability to empathize has lessened as a means of self-preservation. In this era of information overload and staunch individualism, it is easy to forget simple, beautiful facts: we all exist under the same sky and atop the same earth.

My thesis explores methods of healing our personal relationships with the earth, and therefore each other, through immersions of sound, imagery, and writing. I present collectivism as the next step in understanding how to combat the current dull state of radical environmentalism. Just as the quaking aspen tree appears as an individual but is in actuality a colony bound by hidden root systems, so too are we connected to the rest of humanity by common needs and desires.

Through the organization and creation of a design system, I wish to present these ideas in compact, accessible ways that can be shared through both digital and analog mediums. This project exists as an organism that will only thrive and (hopefully) grow under collective care.