Graphic Design

Communion, 2019. Woodblock print. 11 × 8.5 in.
Humility Flag, year. Fabric. 36” × 60”.
The Information Is Crucial but Not to Be Paraded, It Takes Simplicity, 2021. Book. 11 × 5.5 in.

Why be so faithless? Just think of the beauty of love. Not the silly emotional love, but the love that leads you to give up your own wants for the good of another. Can we not see the beauty of God in this? This is an irrational thing that simply cannot be explained, although its benefits are overanalyzed. This is, I believe, what God is. God is love. A constant desire for us to have happiness, despite the fact that we do not want it ourselves fully.

He has set a Holy Catholic Church for our salvation, yes, but what He truly wants is for us to love Him in return. A love that ponders Him willingly and says, “I will die for You,” with no tears or movements of passion but rather with a straight face of determination. And I am unable to do this. Fortunately, the saints (and non-saints) have written extensively about how to struggle for this interior love. Their simple truths are reminiscent of the well-defined structure I know in computer programming. Algorithms have always been a tool for my practice, and thus I find myself wanting to use the context of what I know to focus my eyes on where I want to be.

My thesis centers around the journey to format some of these philosophies on the interior life as game-theoretical algorithms. For myself, mainly, I do this in an attempt to bring Him into my seemingly secular career of computer science. And to you, I can only urge you to accompany me in this passage to show that God is loving and is with the Church but also with science and design. Let me then interrupt the usual drudgery of work in this world and shout, “With love, to God and BVM* do I present my thesis.”