Butter Me Up, 2021. Oil and mixed media on canvas. 30 × 40 in.

Then & Now, 2020. Oil and mixed media on canvas. 28 × 62 in.

At first glance, my paintings and installations may seem like normal spaces, but in each piece there are bizarre moments that snap the viewer out of the reality of the work, usually through the distortion of perspective. I utilize perspective as a way to enhance the interpretation of my pieces. I think about hierarchy within the confines of painting, deciding what are the most important aspects, and then making choices to emphasize what I deem important. I bring depictions of mundane objects together to create spaces that give the viewer the chance to take in the full piece, and then invite them to step in closer to examine each individual object.

Each object signifies a specific idea, quality, person, or time, expressing meaning in an indirect manner. I use domestic objects as the common denominators of our personal environment, constructing a space around us that is layered with hidden meaning. Encoding my personal life and the lives around me into the work, I insert my own personal experiences within this external space. Everything has a reason and purpose, which is enhanced by the material or manner in which the specific object is depicted. Domestic spaces are rebuilt into installations using painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Within my pieces, there are indications of the unsettling current issues integrated into the clutter of domestic problems. Ultimately, these pieces serve as a commentary on human nature, exploring our relationships to objects, time, and the way these objects reflect who we are. Objects hold many different meanings, and I leave it to the viewer to project their own personal experiences and connect with the object in their own way. Ultimately, by navigating memory and sorting through the world, I discover meaning in the most ordinary places.