Lifetime of Skies, 2021. Oil on canvas. 60 × 84 in.
Golden Hour, 2021. Oil on canvas. 8 × 10 in.

My thought process centers around representing things, colors, ideas, and symbols that mean something to me or appeal to my sensibilities. In addition to painting, I am enthralled with learning new hands-on skills such as embroidery, sewing, and bookmaking and being able to make beautiful things for myself. My love for the handmade allows me to imbue heartfelt, genuine, and calm feelings into my work through thoughtful gestures and color. Each piece represents my presence through both delicate decisions in color and bold, steady use of structure.

Full of simplicity, my work stems from thought, emotion, memory, and intuition. I find myself taking many photos of the sky. I choose specific colors, symbols, and imagery, spending time carefully planning until the work aligns with my thoughts. I often find my subject matter in memories; much of the time I am influenced by place and landscapes. It is not always a singular memory that I work from, but the accumulation of visuals and experiences. Place is incredibly important to my work. I have lived in many homes, and nods to them can be found in my work: the sailboats from my grandmother’s shutters that so simply reflect my love of the sea, a collection of flowers my family lovingly cared for in Wellesley, and a book fondly illustrating the number of times I have been uprooted.