Femininity is strong, complex, and beautiful, but too often things deemed feminine get dismissed as silly or vain. In my work, I explore ideas of beauty and indulgence by layering traditionally feminine aesthetics that are thought to be shallow, such as the color pink, sparkles, flowers, and decorative objects such as frames. I paint these ideas in a way that is genuine to show their beauty but also in an over-the-top manner that revels in excess. Growing up as a dancer, I have always felt a strong connection to performance and the artificiality that comes with it. Therefore, I like to embrace the artificial, and create paintings that are obviously fake and aware of their fakeness. Many things that I personally find beautiful are piled into my work, such as flowers from 17th-century Dutch still life paintings, which are a luxurious fantasy themselves. Eggs appear throughout my work as a symbol of womanhood and strength: it is almost impossible to break an egg by placing in the crook of your elbow and flexing your bicep. The flowers I paint are often heavy and metallic. The oversaturated colors are obnoxiously and unapologetically girly. These colorful, dense compositions offer the viewer a kind of feast for their eyes that is shiny, sticky, loud, sexy, and decadent.