I Tried., 2021. Oil and acrylic modeling paste on canvas. 36 × 24 in.
Red Latex Skin, 2020. Enamel spray paint on canvas, plaster, and acrylic modeling paste. 16 × 49 in.
My art exists as an extension of my person. It is an expression created by learning and conducting research. My work develops parallel to the human experience by discussing matters of the life cycle through literal and metaphorical growth, accumulation, decomposition, and structural elements. These structures can be manmade or found naturally. The process of bringing the work to life is both additive and subtractive in thought and physical manipulation of materials. It creates a rigid structure that concurrently decomposes itself into an organic development that then allows the art to function as living beings.

Each work made influences the next and teaches me something new, either about myself or about the material. Much of the work stems from personal experiences, but they are not exclusive to myself; these experiences are thoughts that can often be interpreted without an explanation. These moments influence the specific materials chosen. The materials are a performative element in the piece as I manipulate their transference to something separate from their proper function. Paint, wire, plaster, acrylic modeling paste, and fabric become a part of “the body” in the process of making my work.

The paintings are simultaneously my body and the viewer’s body. Viewers interact with the work through their visceral reactions and thoughts. By participating in conversation between myself as the artist, the painting, and the viewer, the piece lives in a public space as an engaging performance.