Graphic Design

Disoriented, 2019. Book. 7.25 × 6.25 in.
Time Heals, 2018. Poster. 48 × 36 in.
Game One, 2021. Monotype. 14 × 12 in.

I’ve always been interested in how the human body relates to the transition or change of a physical space, specifically through navigation and signage. This idea came from my time abroad in Venice, Italy, and learning how to navigate the maze-like streets with the help of inconsistent directional signs. COVID-19 has also changed how our bodies interact with space, since spaces have been modified to fit the world’s current situation. I want to examine how this new navigational signage has changed our physical behavior and navigation patterns. I also want to document and explore how a person’s body adapts and forms new muscle memory to adapt to its changing environment.

Lines and mark-making have always been my favorite ways to make impactful imagery. I aim to explore how our new navigational signs and patterns create unique paths or lines that I can explore visually to express the human body’s physical interaction with a modified space. Because everyone has to follow the same path, to some extent, I want to document and investigate the wear and tear that the repeated steps of the body have on the ground or other materials. I will document this through photography, tracking my own walking movements and patterns, observing when I choose to follow the signage and when I choose to ignore it. I want to make my viewers think about how their bodies interact with a space and how they adapt their movements to a new or modified space.