Borders, 2020. Print. 11 × 8.5 in.
Mapping Figure Skating, 2019. Poster. 22.5 × 15 in.
1.20 to 3.6.20, 2020. Digital file. 5.5 × 7.75 in.

Health Is Wealth combines ideas and practices within graphic design, Chinese traditional medicine (also known as Eastern medicine), and Western medicine to educate, inform, and provoke its audience. It inserts conversation via perspective, commentary, and education on the need for more intersection and collaboration between Western and Chinese traditional medical practices. Health Is Wealth is a collection of interviews, research, and anecdotes that will take the form of a print book and a website centered around the concept of a store.

The title, Health Is Wealth, speaks to the multiple interpretations of wealth. It can be either a direct commentary on the cost of healthcare in the United States or a metaphor for those who believe a “wealthy” life is one spent in optimal health above all else. This thesis is dedicated to questioning why we, as a Western society, put so much trust into our system, and to voicing the concern and disconnect between the different practices within our healthcare. It begs the questions, “What can we learn from other cultures’ medical practices?”, “Are there more holistic approaches to our current healthcare practices?”, and “How can we take more control over addressing our own health?”