It’s Cold Out, 2021. Oil on canvas. 32 × 40 in.
Can You Hear The Electricity, 2021. Oil on canvas. 46 × 55 in.
I spent my childhood surrounded by woods, playing in the trees and reading mysterious stories about what lives among the forest. Throughout my life I would return to the woods to refresh my mind, feeling the peace that being there can often bring. I began to record what I saw, making fast charcoal drawings and then bigger watercolor paintings to convey to people the mystery and serenity I felt so deeply while I was there. This is where my current practice started.

I choose extremely specific, amplified versions of the colors I see in real life. These vague and indescribable colors give viewers the chance to impart their own meaning to my paintings. Dusk offers the most vibrant and specific colors the natural world has to offer. It hides a lot of what our eyes can see but exposes just enough to give us the chance to decipher what we are looking at. An overcast day can set the tone so intensely: dreary skies muddle the bright colors we are used to seeing and alter our perception of the world for a day. I can’t help but try to capture that very feeling. I work to make the spaces of my paintings feel overwhelming and to fully take over the viewer’s vision as if they are standing in that very world.

Through painting I re-create moments I see every day in new ways so people can understand the magic and beauty that I notice in these mysterious landscapes. These spaces can feel so unfamiliar to most, yet they are the most familiar and comforting to me. My works ultimately show the world through my eyes, a place where bright colors, mystery, and comfort can exist together in a landscape.