Scrap Quilt, 2021. Dye and ink on fabric. 36 × 36 in.
Stamped Blue, 2021. Fabric dye on polyester spandex. Installation, approx. 84 × 144 in.

My work arises from the textiles, patterns, textures, and photographs that I grew up with and around. A quilt made by a great-grandmother, a blanket given by a sister, a crossword puzzle completed by a grandfather, treasures collected with a mother, a family vacation captured on a camera: all are meaningful frameworks that I am able to build off of through the process of making. Focusing on the nuances of these and other collected items, my experimental studio practice centers around this accumulation of objects, materials, and imagery. I play and experiment with them until a discovery is made. I respond to how the materials react to my manipulations, thus creating an endless journey of chance in which we take turns making moves and collaborating with one another. Throughout the process, the visual structures of my past merge with the materials of my present through play. As a result, the works become indirect collaborations with family members and a past self. They allow me to pause and reflect as I search through archives for something missed.