Found Compositions, 2021. Digital photo collage. 9 × 10 in. Creating Resistance, 2020. Book. 10 × 8 in. Grown Type: First Test, 2021. E. coli on agar plate. Diameter 3.5 in.
Growing the Sublime is a collection of research, experiments, processes, and projects that explores the feelings of awe, wonder, and maybe even disgust that occur when we experience the unknown and strangely beautiful. In this thesis, I step into the role of bio-artist and work collaboratively with scientists in order to explore the complexity and aesthetics of bacteria through the creation of art and design work.

Historically, the sublime is described as a quality of greatness and beauty that elicits a sense of fear, wonder, and reflection in an individual. It typically refers to large and extreme elements of nature, such as oceans, storms, mountains, and the vastness of the universe. But why can’t the sublime be found in the small? What if the sublime was grown starting at a microscopic level?

Through sharing the process and results of working artistically in a lab environment, Growing the Sublime will illustrate the sense of awe and wonder that is created through play and experimentation. It will demonstrate that the sublime can be found not only in the vast unknown, but also in simply unique forms and experiences.